This is a sample of a presentation accompanied the awarding of the Green T. It can be funny or serious. It is solely the option of the giver.

2012 Green Shirt Recipient
This was considerably a more difficult task than I had anticipated.  However one hot afternoon whilst sitting atop of a tall mound of crushed oyster shells sipping what I later determined to be contaminated tequila I was looking for some sort of divine intervention to help me ascertain who would be the next recipient of the “Green Shirt”.  The words on the front of the shirt kept running through my head.  “I started talking and I can’t shut up”.
Who would it be?
Well, I eventually fell over and rolled down off the mound, landing at the bottom scraped up and sunburned.  I must have hit my head on something because when I opened my eyes and looked up there was a dark shadow standing over me swinging what looked like a light saber.  A deep voice came from the shadow it said, “Luke, come to the Dark Side”, and then the shadow faded.
“That’s it!” I thought as I sat up and rubbed the bump on my head.  The Dark Side.  Bob KE7DLH.
Bob who goes on and on and on about his mile high Island in the Sky which is actually only 5060 ft.  Another exaggeration is this Island in the Sky thing.  His house in Miller Canyon which is actually a gully at the base of two 10,000 mountains. “And we’ve all heard, “from the Island in the Sky this morning I have the Mud Slide Report”. Doesn’t sound much like an island to me. 
Bob who gives us the status of his bird bath every morning using the Beaufort scale using archaic naudical  terms like “Scaly ripples and foamy crests ” and a few modern ones like “It’s frigging windy out there”.   
Bob who has a pooch he has named “Rocket Man” that he always mentions when checking in. .  Local gossip says that the Rocket Man is little rambunctious. Unruly was another term an anonymous red-headed friend of his used. 
Bob who was once a sailor and owned a damn fine sailboat named Indigo.  In a moment of dementia he sold that.
Bob who now sits atop the fly bridge of a stink pot named The Dark Side using a light saber to ward off Rocket Man’s playful antics while he’s checking in on the Sonrisa net.
Bob who gives us the “Sky is Falling” reports.  Lets us know when we can see the Space Station passing over and when meteor showers are viewable in our area.
Bob who is also the go-to guy in dealing with marine emergencies in contacting the Mexican Navy or the U.S. Coast Guard when warranted.
Bob KE7DLH is the new recipient and keeper of the coveted “Green Shirt”.
And as the previous recipient sternly told me as he handed me the shirt, “Don’t even think about putting this on”.
Geary WB6PKH