About our Weather

Every morning 365 days a year the Sonrisa Net on 3.968 Mhz gives the weather for the Sea of Cortez and the Mexican Riviera. 

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Special Thanks to Paul KF7IPU for his expertise, and PATIENCE in getting me started on this webpage project and bailing me out when I get in over my head.


Our Weather Guy...Geary

One day Rick KF6IL (SV Tortuga) Who had been doing the weather came by my palapa and saw my satellite antenna. He asked if i could fill in for him while he was in the States. He has been gone a couple of years now. For years I waited for him to come back. I have discovered that he is actually back cruising and has handed the baton to me.

So I'll continue to get up at 4am and put together the weather package for the Sonrisa net.

It has become an interesting and enjoyable hobby and Public Service and putting this webpage together has kept the cobwebs out of this old head.


I hang my hat on a Sleezy, CYA disclaimer that tells you that I am NOT  a meteorologist. My goal is to provide you with information that YOU can make intelligent decisions with to make your cruising experience as pleasurable as possible

  Remember, this is an amateur endeavor so don't chisel my forecasts in stone....

SOMETIMES I'M WRONG!                                                                 Geary

Maritime Weather

There are numerous Ham and Sideband nets available to the cruiser.

A listing of them can be found here

US Coast Guard & Mis.

Us Coast Guard Phone Number

 in San Diego  510-437-3701


US Coast Guard Advisorys

Small Craft Advisory 18-39 knots
Gale Warnings 39-54 mph 34-47 Knots
Storm Warnings 55-73 mph 48-63 knots
Hurricane 74+ mph 63+ knots

Saffer/Simpson Hurricane Scale

(Category 1 ) 74+Mph
(Category 2 ) 96-110 mph
(Category 3 ) 111-130 mph
(Category 4 ) 130-155 mph
(Category 5 ) 155+ mph