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SONRISA PREAMBLE (2014 VERSION - Standard Time 1430 Zulu start - Daylight Savings Time 1330 Zulu start)
Note to Net Contollers. The Preamble shown below is in "text format" and can be copied from this page to Word or any word processor.

 SONRISA PREAMBLE (May 2012 VERSION - Standard Time 1429 Zulu start - Daylight Savings Time 1329 Zulu start)
Pause between check-ins for possible contacts, no need to ask for traffic.
No need to repeat the check-in details including Lat and Lon for local travel.
Chit chat with any check-in, following ham rules, and remember to HAVE FUN!
Vessels Underway have Priority
For vessels wishing to make contact with other vessels ask them to QSY after contact.

1. CQ, CQ, CQ, Is this frequency in use?

2. Good Morning, welcome to the Sonrisa Net.

3. My name is name _________ Call sign _______located in ___________ aboard vessel _________ with wife name _________. I am going to be the net controller today, date_______2012"

4. "Before we continue, is there any Health and Welfare, Emergency, Medical, or other Priority Traffic – please call now.

5. Any relays for Priority traffic?"

6. The weather here in your location________________ (for yesterday and this morning).

Temp____________ BAR____________ Humidity ____________
Wind Last Night ____________________ Wind Now _________________
7. (Call Geary our weather guy (XE2- WB6PKH)) PKH are you on frequency this morning?

8. This a friendly and relaxed ham net but you do need a ham license to participate. In an emergency, however, we will talk with anyone, just give us a call.

9. The Net Manager is Bob Davis XF1-KJ6CBF on Nirvana.. Any comments, questions, or requests to become a Net Controller should be addressed to Bob at

10. Any vessels underway wishing to check in, please call with your suffix.


11. Any Relays for vessels underway?"
12. Anyone wishing to check in to the Sonrisa Net, please call with your suffix now.

*********************At 0745 **************************** (Try to Keep this time!)
13. (Before or after weather depending on time number of check-ins)

Are there any QST's before we go to Geary's weather?"
14. Call PKH for weather.

15. (PKH gives weather then asks for questions on his weather. Geary will ask you to put out a call for weather questions.) Any weather questions for Geary?

16. Thanks for the weather Geary.

17. Any vessels that have not checked-in, Please Call with your suffix now. .

18. Last call for the Sonrisa Net.

19. "Hearing nothing, this is name _________ Call sign _______located in __________. The Sonrisa Net is now closed and this frequency is clear."