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Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Voice to Text Summary

Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Looking down into the Sea this morning I can see a band of clouds moving in on southern Baja.It looks like from around Puerto Escondido south will see high whispys and a mix of fluffys today.
Looking south to along the west coast of Mexico this band extends to around Cabo Corrienties this morning however much lighter.
The rest of the Sea from a bit south of Concepcion Bay looks to be clear south of Concepcion Bay which has high whispys over it this morning.
In the Gulf of Tehuantepec northerly winds will briefly increase to 20-25 knots early Fri, with seas peaking at 7-8 ft during the event. Meantime the low teens from the NE.
Further south in Guatemala the Fuego Volcano is burping ash again this morning. Ash from this eruption is trailing off to the west toward the Pacific, but the ash cloud appears to be more diffuse over water. Hazy conditions and a minimal restriction to visibility is possible within 30 nm of
the coast of Guatemala today.
Thatís what is going on in our hood.Looking now north to the west coast of America where it is cold.
In western Washington they will have a short break in the systems into Friday.Then the next system arrives via British Columbia and will bring low level snow to the Seattle area.This morning Seattle was 32 and expected to rise to 39 this afternoon.
In most of Oregon they are having heavy snow this morning.I brought up one of the webcams in Ashland this morning and could see heavy snow falling on the roof of my old alma mater, the George A. Brisco Elementary School. From Mt Ashland to Portland snow, heavy at times, was falling.
In northern California they are awaiting the next system to arrive in a couple of hours. Snow levels will generally be in the 1500-2000 foot range. Winter Storm Advisory remains in effect through tonight. A few showers are possible in the Valley. Below normal temperatures will continue. Additional systems likely next week.Sacramento was 33 this morning.

In southern California no snow is being forecast for the southland but there is a small chance that light showers will continue through early Friday morning. Brisk winds are also likely this afternoon through
tonight, especially in the mountains and deserts. The weekend
looks fair before low pressure returns next week for more cold weather
and showers.San Diego was 44 this morning and will warm to around 60s this afternoon.
Looking now over to the desert southwest where a passing system will bring gusty winds Friday with a few showers north of Tucson. otherwise, dry conditions with below average temperatures through Sunday. A warming trend early next week will be followed by another winter storm system around the middle of the week. Tucson was 38 this morning
Thatís what is gong on to the north of us.Snow over most of the western CONUS.Back on this side of the Fence the northern and central Sea will see light to moderate winds into Friday then Saturday another cold front will arrive and there will be strong NW winds proceeding the front in the mid to high 20s.The southern Sea will see the high teens/low 20s into the weekend. Seas will build to 5-7 feet over the weekend.
Temperatures in the Sea will be on the brisk side and the daytime highs in the mid 60s with overnight low in the mid 50s.

Here is a detail look at the winds for the 3-day forecast period.
The northern sea, Sonoran side: light NW today and tomorrow and the low 20s on Saturday.
The northern sea: The Bay of LA area: Light NW today, light SW tomorrow and the high teens on Saturday from the NE.††††
The central sea: The Guaymas area: the low teens from the NW today and tomorrow then around 20 on Saturday from the NW.
The central sea, Baja side: Concepcion Bay: the low teens from the NE today and tomorrow then the high 20s on Saturday.
Puerto Escondito: the mid teens from the NE today and tomorrow then the mid 20s on Saturday.
The Southern sea: La Paz area: the high teens from the NE today, the mid teens from the NE tomorrow and the mid 20s on Saturday from the NE.
The East Cape: the low to mid 20s for the 3-day forecast period from the NW.
The Mexican Riviera: Mazatlan: the low to mid 20s for the 3-day forecast period from the NW.
Puerto Vallarta: light NW for the 3-day forecast period
Cabo Corrienties:the low 20s from the NW for the 3-day forecast period.
†† South of Cabo Corrienties: the mid to high teens from the SW for the 3-day forecast period.

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