Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Voice to Text

Looking down into the Sea this morning I can see that there will be some overcast skies in the central and northern sea this morning due to heavy thunderbumper activity along the coast in central Sonora last night. These clouds should clear by late morning.
Looking now south along the west coast of Mexico where there has been numerous quick storms pop up between Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo all night. This morning the skies now look clear along the coast.
Further south the Gulf of Tehuantepec will see NE winds in the high 20s tonight and tomorrow night then moderate NE winds on Friday.

In our tropical kitchen this morning we have a weak TROPICAL DEPRESSION GREG, soon to be a remnant low leading two hurricanes across the Eastern Pacific basin. Category One HURRICANE IRWIN is close behind followed by Category Two HURRICANE HILARY.
Here is what is going to happen over the next 5-6 days. First Irwin is going to slow down and move a bit to the north. Meantime Sister HILARY will be making a move to overtake Irwin to the north. This weekend they will do what the meteorologists call the Fujiwara effect. HILARY will gobble up IRWIN as she passes and become one storm. By mid next week HILARY will become a remnant low a bit east of Hawaii. Interesting, this phononia is getting a lot of national media attention with some calling this the “Dance of Death” a "canable hurricane". Fox called it a Daisy wheel. We will be watching this dance with graphics as they become available and they will be in this website.
Long range does not have anything else new on the horizon for the next 5-6 days.
TROPICAL WAVES: there are 3 in transit in the Atlantic, one in the Caribbean and one has just entered the Eastern Pacific basin via Central America.
That’s what is going on in our hood. Looking now north to the west coast of America where in Seattle they will have overcast skies into the weekend along with cooler temperatures. Today’s high will be 76.
In northern California today’s high will be 95 but triple digit temperatures will return this weekend. Daily afternoon showers and thunderbumpers are expected in the higher Sierras.
In southern California typical summer weather pattern for southern California for the next week with a weak marine layer cooling off the coast. Temperatures will be in the high 80s into the weekend.
Looking now over to the desert southwest where the monsoon will start monsooning again. Today into the weekend they can expect daily showers and storm chances in the afternoons. Today’s high in Tucson will be 95.
That’s what is going on to the north of us. Back on this side of the Fence most locations on the sea will see temperatures in the very high 90s and low 100s today. The morning overcast should dissipate by late morning with sunshine the rest of the day.

Here is a brief look at the winds for the 3-day forecast period.
The northern sea,
Sonoran side: the high teens from the SE for the 3-day forecast period.
The northern sea,
Baja side: the bay of LA area: light NE today and tomorrow and light SE on Friday.
The central sea:
Sonoran side, The Guaymas area: the low teens from the SW today and tomorrow and light SE on Friday.
The central sea, Baja side: the low teens from the NE for the 3-day forecast period.
The Southern sea, Baja side, La Paz area: the high teens from the SW today, light SW tomorrow and then on Friday the low 20s from the SW.
The East Cape: the mid teens from the SE for the 3-day forecast period.
The Mexican Riviera: Mazatlan>the low to mid teens from the NW for the 3-day forecast period.
Puerto Vallarta to Cabo Corrienties: light NW for the 3-day forecast period.
South of Cabo Corrienties: the high teens/low 20s from the SW for the 3-day forecast period.

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