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Saturday, January 24, 2015
This came from NYC this morning.

Sally O’tool was walking back to her car from making a purchase at a 7-11 store.  William Simmons age 57 stopped here and demanded the keys to her car.  She gave him the keys and he took off.  She called 911 and reported the thief.  A police cruiser spotted the stolen car several blocks away and turned on the siren.  Simmons ran a red light and turned down the next street and ran though barriers that had been set up to block the street.  They were filming a movie there.  He looked up and there was a 40 foot tall fire mechanical fire breathing dragon shooting flames out his nose coming right toward him.  HE lost control of the car and crashed into a large van and had a heart attack and died on the way to the hospital.
The last thing Mr Simmons saw was this huge fire breathing dragon about to eat him.
The 40 foot tall mechanical dragon being used by the movie company takes 4 operators to run it.   It is tagged as the largest mechanical robot in the world. 

I had this image of him telling St Peter.  “Well I was minding my own business driving trough a quite neighborhood in the Bronx and was attacked by this fire breathing dragon.”

Unfortunate Dumb crook.