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Saturday, February 13, 2016
With all the hype about the upcoming Mulegé Sweepstakes, the running of the pigs tomorrow someone around a campfire last night said,  “I did not even know Mulegé had a Malecón”.
Traditionally in most South American cities that have a Sea front there is a broad explanade on top of the seawall.  Traditionally on Sunday locals promenade after church along this Malecón along with joggers and an occasional bicyclist. 
Well, Mulegé does not have a ocean front, in fact it does not even have it’s own river.  The early politicos of Santa Rosalia did not have their own river so they named the river that flows through Mulegé, Rio Santa Rosalia. Now days no one calls it that…its the Mulegé River.  
So Mulegé not having an ocean front or seawall on which to build a Malecón they are calling the new cement road that replaces the old bumpy dirt road that follows the Mulegé River that goes out to the light house the Malecón. 
So now you know how to get there tomorrow.

Friday, February 12, 2016
For you racing fans who have been following the preliminaries for this Sunday’s Mulegé Sweepstakes on Fox Sports.  Race Central announced yesterday that the field has now been narrowed down to six Pro Sprinters with  Petunia, Hogzilla, Mak’n Bacon and Hogan’s goat being scratched yesterday by race officials for various reasons. Hogan’s Goat sponsored by Billy O and a consortium from Pt. Chivato and it was not until race officials actually saw the entry that they realized he was actually a goat. Race officials have levied heavy sanctions for any future entries from this Chivato group .  

        Also, a little bad news: Fox Sports has announced the TV coverage of this prestigious event will be blocked out for local viewers however great seating will be available at the track under tents.



Thursday, February 11, 2016

Big stuff coming this weekend!  The annual running of the pigs…the Mulegé Sweepstakes.  These Pro Sprint Squealers will be running on a new faster track on the Malicon Sunday.  The Mulegé Rotary club in conjunction with the I.P.S.P.R.A. (The international Pro Spring Pig Racing Association) has made the first real changes in the track in 32 years. This should be an exciting event with several top pigs returning to raise the bar for the local talent.
This prestigious event is sponsored by the Mulegé Rotary club with a portion of the proceeds supporting the Rotary Dental Clinic who with your support allow around 2500 Mexicans annually to see a dentist at no charge.

See y’all you on Sunday!