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Instead of something humorous at the end of my weather today I though I’d offer the opportunity for someone to do a good deed this holiday week.

Several weeks ago I met a British runner in Mulegé who is running from Vancouver to Buenos Aires, raising money and awareness for charities concerned with suicide, cancer and fresh water provision. So far he has raised about $10,000 for three charities. He has completed the first 4300km and is currently in La Paz and needs to find a ride to the mainland. Ideally he would like to arrive in Mazatlán or Puerto Vallarta. He says that he is flexible on timing but would ideally like to leave around Christmas.

I have met this guy and he’s good people.  He’d make good company for a crossing and says while he is not an experienced sailor he has been around boats most of his life and can clean, cook and generally help whenever necessary.

I’m giving this guy the El Burro Seal of Approval!  If you will be making a southern crossing think about giving this really nice guy a lift.

He is currently staying at the Baja backpackers in La Paz and can be reached at or get back to me and I’ll see the message is passed on.