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  • Tuesday, February 02, 2016

This came from my home town Crescent City California via the Del Norte Triplicate.

Drug dealer James Banuelos pleaded guilty in January in exchange for a lighter sentence (three years in prison), thus avoiding for police the airing of an embarrassing hidden-camera video of the raid showing arresting officers stealing the dealer's money and valuables. "Multiple" officers were shown laughing and helping themselves, and a gold chain belonging to Banuelos wound up for sale a few days later on Craigslist. As part of the plea agreement, the prosecutor agreed to give all Banuelos' stuff back to him.

I noted that not much has changed in the old home town since I left in 1960. The only thing different is, back then the cops never gave the stuff back.  If they caught you drinking, they took away your booze, careful not to spill any, and said they would tell your folks if they caught you again.