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Wednesday, July 30, 2014
This came from Ashland Oregon this morning.

Amber Williams age 8 and her mother were walking down the street when amber saw a cop car parked in front of a No Parking Sign.  A cop came out of the Dunk’n Donuts store with a cup of coffee and a maple bar.  Amber told the cop he should give himself a ticket for breaking the law.  He laughed and said, “You are a funny little Girl” Amber’s mother then spoke saying, “She’s right you broke the law to go on to that donut shop to feed your face”.  The cop said “Lady git a life,” and started to get into his cruiser.  Mom pulled out her cell phone and started taking pictures, Saying “Smile, law breaker, you’re going on the internet.” The cop pulled out quickly and one photo shows the cup of coffee on the dash board spilling. 

Well the photos did show on on UTube and the Medford, TV TKVL CBS station picked up on it as well as the Ashland cops.  A spoksperson for the Ashland Police said that officer was put on suspension and has been issued a ticket for illegal parking.

Score: Cute little girl: One
Grumpy cop: Zero