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Sunday, November 08, 2015

This came from Macomb Township, Michigan.

Billy Adams was driving home after having a few drinks at a local bar.  As he drove down a residential street he saw a cop giving a sobriety test to a stopped driver.  Adams got so nervous he swerved his car and almost hit the cop’s cruiser.  He stopped behind the cruiser and was afraid to pull out and go around so he sat there until the cop came back, all the time thinking of one excuse after another to explain driving erratically. When the cop came to the window he stammered a moment then blurted out, “I’ve been drinking but I don’t think I’m drunk.”  He passed the sobriety test and he told the cop he was going home and smoke a dubie so he would not be so nervous. The cop then asked him if he had any smoke on him.  Adam reached for the glove compartment and to cop said, “Mister Adams do not open that.  Go Home!

The heading for the article was “Honesty is not always the best policy.”