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Hurricane Fernanda



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Hurricane Fernanda

She is currently a cat 1 storm with winds in the 85-95 mph ranges.  Fernanda will most likely crank up to a major category 4 storm later today or tomorrow.  A cat 4 storm has wind in the 130 to 150 mile ranges. Fortunately her forecast track continues to be pretty much due west taking her away from any interests on Baja


Now a Category 4 storm


Hurricane FERNANDA who dipped slightly overnight and is now a category 4 again, with winds of 115 knots (130 mph)... FERNANDA should maintain this intensity today as it marches WNW across the E Pacific, and then rapidly weaken as it hits colder water and wind shear.


FERNANDA has hit cooler waters and is starting to spin down.  She is now a category 3 storm with 120 mph winds.  She continues to slow head toward Hawaii and is expected to reach the big island as a post tropical low early next week. 



FERNANDA now closer to Hawaii than Baja. She is now a cat 2 storm with 105 mph winds. The latest forecast is of interest to the surfer dudes and dudetts in Hawaii. “FERNANDA is weakening, and no longer exhibits an eye. The weakening trend will continue over the next several days. Large swells will continue to expand and spread out ahead of FERNANDA to the NW and W during the next few days, and are expected to reach the Hawaiian Islands early Wednesday.”

7/19 FERNANDA who is now a cat one hurrican and slowly on the decay

7/20 Fernanda is passing Hawaii this am and this should be the last advisory.