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Tropical Storm Greag



tropical storm, Greg. He is expected to follow in the footprint of FERNANDA and most models show him NOT developing into a hurricane.


7/19 he is being followed across the pacific by tropical storm GREG who does not have much of future and between GREG AND FERNANDA IS TROPICAL DEPRESSION 8 ECHO. GREG may catch up with Eight Echo and spin up.

7/20 GREG who will most likely spin up to a hurricane in the next 48 hours.

7/21 Still expected to spin up to a cat one on sunday.
7/24 TROPICAL STORM GREG is leading a threesome of tropical storms across the pacific this morning. He is forecast to gradually weaken during the next 24 to 48 hours becoming a remnant low by Thursday. 

7/25 Greg will mostly likely become a TD tomorrow.

7/26 should become a td today.

7/27 TD last report today.