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Tropical Storm Hilary



7/24 HILARY is already a cat one hurricane and expected to become a major hurricane later in the week.  She will catch up with Irwin this weekend and swallow the smaller hurricane as she passes it and continues slowly moving west

7/25 she will spin up to a cat 4 today and turn left and follow Irwin and Greg.

7/26 a cat 2 storm today.
7/27 Getting ready to overtake Irwin

7/28 HIlary plutoed to a TS and getting ready to overtake Irwin

7/29 Hilary is getting ready to pass Irwin to the north over teh next 24 hours.

7/30 Hilary will be plutoed to a td later today.

7/31Hillary got gobbled by Irwin and is now a remnant low Last upate on HIlary