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Tropial Storm Irwin




IRWIN will remain in relative close proximity to HILARY the next few days. He is expected to rspin up to hurricane strength by tomorrow.  

7/25 spun up to a cat one this am. now await of Hilary to come a gobble him up later in the week.
7/25 still a cat one probably a td tomorrow

7/27-7//28 TS Irwin awaits Hilary to come by to the north a gobble him up

7/29 Irwin will be passed to the north by TS Hilary over the next 24 hours.

7/30 Iriwin is being passed my HIlary this am and is still a ts.

7/31 Irwin the gobbler should be plutoed to a td tomorrow


Irwin is having a hard time dying. Tomorrow he should be plutoed to the TD along the Hilary