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Tropical Storm Javier


Monday, August 8, 2016

In our tropical kitchen this morning we have newly formed tropical storm Javier.  He is currently South of the cape and west of Cabo Corrienties this morning.  Winds are currently in the 50 knot ranges.  This image is showing a lot of showers and thunderbumpers from Manzanillo north to around Los Mochas and it’s difficult to know if this is Javier weather of thunderbumpers moving off the mainland.  Water Vapor imagery is showing lots of moisture in the air.  I checked the webcams at the cape and as usual when there is bad weather coming the hotels turn off the camera ands show an image of a sunny beautiful day with folks frolicking by the pool. Gotta keep the tourists flying in.
Javier is expected to strengthen slightly as it approached the cape
 later today and wind speeds COULD reach hurricane strength.
 A Hurricane Warning is in effect for Los Barriles to Todo Santos
A Hurricane Watch is in effect for Todo Santos to Cabo San Lazaro
A Tropical Storm Warning is in effect for Los Barriles to San Evaristo & Todo Santos to Cabo San Lazaro
A Tropical Storm Watch is in effect for San Evaristo to Loreto & Cabo San Lazaro to Puerto San Andresito
          The forecast track is for Javier to arrive at the cape this evening as a tropical storm then track along the west coast of the peninsula and arrive around Mag Bay tomorrow afternoon still as a tropical storm, arrive around San Juanico Scopion Bay on Wednesday still as a tropical storm and finally at tropical depression just about the Baja North/south border.

August 9, 2016

tropical storm Javier which the satellite images are showing to be just a swirl of low to mid-level clouds located over the cape region of just a bit north.  He is forecast to weaken to a tropical depression later today and become a remnant low on Wednesday.
          Interesting the highest rain totals were on the East Cape not the west cape where Javier was expected to pass.  Cabo San Lucas had 1.37 inches of rain, La Paz .23 and Los Barrales 1.94.           

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Complety disipated from view but still producing rain