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Tropical Storm OTTO



 Hurricane Otto has reemerged from Nicaragua as a tropical storm and is forecast to track WNW over the weekend as a tropical storm and finally die as a tropical depression Tuesday several hundred miles west of Zihuatanejo. 

Interesting; if Otto does maintain its identity as a named storm, as expected, it will keep the name Otto in the Pacific. Should Otto dissipate but its remnants manage to redevelop in the Pacific, the new storm would take the name Virgil from the Eastern Pacific list.    

Lingering heavy rain, flash flooding and mudslides are still the biggest concerns for Central America, particularly in Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Some locations may pick up 20 inches of storm-total rainfall from Otto. In addition, clusters of heavy rain well to the north and south of the circulation may trigger flooding in parts of Honduras and Panama.

Currently there is no danger of a “Crazy Ivan” and Otto tracking back toward the mainland coast. 

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Tropical storm Otto is encountering vertical shear of around 20 knots and that will continue to take its toll as he encounters a progressively drier environment over the next several days.  The track remains WNW.  Most of the forecasts have Otto dissipating to a post tropical depression next Tuesday around 265 miles west of Zihuatanejo. At this time there is no danger to any land. 

Sunday, November 27, 2016

I’m closing the door to the tropical kitchen AGAIN this morning.  Brother Otto is not even a shadow of his former self.  He had completely disappeared.  So I’m saying the fat lady is singing, and our hurricane season is over.